Stylish Stoneware

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And that’s exactly what we stand for - cute, unique homeware that doesn’t cost the earth. We know adding a special item can take a room to your fav place to be in.


Here at Humble, we stand for independent manufacturing, honesty and quality in every single item we offer to you.

Right now, we’re in our very humble beginnings. It’s just me, Charlotte, running shop with a little help from my lovely other half . We spend all our spare time hand selecting, photographing and packing up the wonderful selection of furniture, candles and décor that you see before you.


We know more needs to be done to protect our planet. This is why we are already cautious with our packaging materials, using items that are recycled, recycable or biodegradable. 

But, this is also why we've partnered up with One Tree Planted to a little bit more. 

For every order you make with us, we'll donate a tree to be planted somewhere across the globe. 

Together we can repair some of the damage caused by deforestation and forest fires. How great is that?


Got a burning question? Want some more info on a product? Just want to have a chat? We're all eyes and ears, ready to help!

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